What Our Roofing Company Wants You to Know About PSR+

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Do you oversee multiple properties? If you are a property manager, we want you to know about PSR+, a cloud-based roof link portal that as a real estate manager, you can access as needed. Through this roof link system, we provide real-time updates as maintenance and inspections are performed on the roofs of the properties you manage. The reports we provide show the service work before and after repairs, and we also maintain a leak history for every property.

What Our Roofing Company Wants You to Know About PSR+

As a property manager, it can be difficult to stay on top of which properties are nearing the need for roof replacement. With PSR+, our roofing experts can estimate the remaining lifespan of your roof and provide a capital budget to forecast the total cost of the roof replacement.

Additionally, with PSR+, this service plan allows for our roofing company to physically inspect your roof with regularity, which is often a requirement for maintaining your roof warranty. Once we inspect your roof, we will cover the results with you during a conversation and also provide written documentation for you to review. Whenever we evaluate your roof, we will upload the report via our cloud-based portal. In the event of storm damage, these reports can prove invaluable when filing a roof insurance claim or filing a claim for warranty manufacturing defects.

Our PSR+ service plan is your answer to effectively maintaining the roofs on the buildings you manage and preventing major issues. For more information about PSR+ and why our roofing company strongly recommends enrolling in this program, contact us today.