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You want your residential roofing to last as long as possible. You also want to avoid emergency roofing repairs whenever possible. You can make both of these things happen with proper residential roofing maintenance. Here are our top tips for taking better care of your home’s roof.

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Residential Roofing

  1. Clean your gutters—If your gutters are blocked with tree branches, leaves, twigs, nests, and other debris, they’re not going to be able to keep water flowing down through your downspouts and to the ground. All this extra moisture can damage your roof and your roofline over time. Clean out your gutters regularly to keep them clear of accumulated debris.
  2. Inspect from the ground—Don’t ever go up on your roof to inspect it. But you should be doing regular visual inspections from the ground as part of your residential roofing maintenance routine. Look for areas with missing or broken shingles and call us for help if you notice something doesn’t look right.
  3. Trim branches around the roofline—Tree branches that consistently scratch and rub up against your roofline can cause damage to your shingles. When you trim your trees, make sure there is plenty of clearance between your tree branches and the edge of your roofline.

We’re here to help you take better care of your residential roofing. For even more maintenance tips or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.