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Our team offers a comprehensive range of residential roofing services to help you keep your home’s roof in great shape.

At Palmetto State Roofing & Sheet Metal, we know you care about your home, and we want to help you do what’s best for it. One of the most important structures in any building is the roof, as it’s what keeps the rain off your head, and our team is here to help you take care of this key part of your home. We have been working in the roofing industry for the past 50 years, and we offer a comprehensive range of residential roofing services to help you keep your roof in great shape.

Residential Roofing in Greenville, South Carolina

No matter what kind of residential roofing services you need, you can turn to our experts to get the prompt response and effective solutions you need. If your roof has been damaged, we can provide effective, long-lasting repairs to ensure it continues to protect your home. We can also provide roofing maintenance services to help you prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

When your roof reaches the end of its lifespan, our team can replace it for you. Finally, if you are building a new home, you can turn to our team to have us install the roof for you—we’ll make sure everything is installed perfectly so you can enjoy the seamless protection you need.

We work with high-quality materials from proven companies, including GAF, CertainTeed, IKO, TAMKO, and Owens Corning. We offer storm damage repair where we can provide emergency tarp service if needed. We are also insurance specialists and are happy to coordinate with your insurance company whether you need a repair or complete reroofing. We also provide a manufacturer’s warranty on new roof projects. In addition, we can provide installation of new gutters and downspouts, and our team is certified to remove and reinstall solar panels. Our services also include fascia boards, rotten-wood replacement, building crickets and small framing repairs, skylight installation and skylight removal, and chimney removal.

We are proud to serve the Greenville, South Carolina community, and we want to help you keep your home in excellent condition. If you need to have any kind of work done on your roof, just give us a call to get our residential roofing experts on the job.

At Palmetto State Roofing, we also offer services for Gutters, Fascia, and Soffits. Call us for more information.


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